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MediumWideShot is a collective of filmmakers based in Brisbane, who banded together to bring light to the darkness of the world, or the other way around. We strive to create visually pleasing and engaging stories. On this website you can watch all of our projects, read ABOUT US, or keep up to date through our BLOG.

Latest Blogs

Reflections: Experimental Short Film in the making

We have decided to make an experimental little short film to be set up at the Sunshine Coast. It is the story of a man who follows a mysterious list that will eventually lead to a life changing experience.

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Spinning Gifs

My brand new 60D arrived the other day so thought i'd go test it out with Martin and Anders and snap some pictures to compile and create these spinning gifs. The technique is something we've been planning on utilising for a while now and we thought these test shots scrubbed up pretty nicely.

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